Writing Our Legacy is an organisation whose aim is to raise awareness of the contributions of Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) writers, poets, playwrights and authors born, living or connected to Sussex and the South East.*

The organisation was established in April 2012. We run events across Sussex and the South East that showcase emerging and established BME writers and provide professional development and networking opportunities.

* Writing Our Legacy employs Mosaic’s definition of Black to be ‘Black people’ and ‘mixed-parentage people’ including all those people whose ancestral origins are African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, North African, Romany, the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific islands, the American continents, Australia and New Zealand.

Our objectives are:

  1. To create opportunities for BME writers of all levels to develop their writing and share it with audiences
  2. To provide platforms for BME authors to share their writing with audiences, have critical examination of cultural influences, their practice, their history and reach new audiences
  3. To support networking opportunities for BME writers in and outside of Sussex
  4.  To support professional development and publishing opportunities for BME writers
  5. To create opportunities for more audiences from all backgrounds to gain a greater cultural understanding and appreciation of BME literature, from writers from Brighton and Sussex, across the South East and the UK to around the world

 Photograph: courtesy of Crawley WORDfest