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Superheroes children workshop

Wed 10 October, 4-5.30pm, £3/2
Children aged 5-12 years-old can come join James Parsons from Crazy Comic Club to create Black, Asian and BME cartoon superheros in this 90-minute workshop.

Brighthelm Centre, Brighton


Mosaic Bring-A-Dish

Sunday 21 October

Asian writers Neela Masani and Stephanie Lam lead a fun BME children and young people’s creative writing workshop at Mosaic’s Bring-A-Dish, while artist Irene Mensah will offer arts and crafts workshop linked to the Day of the Dead festivities happening later in November.

For more information, contact Mosaic Black and Mixed Parentage Family group on 01273 234017.


Photo credit: Brighton & Hove Black History Month, Family Day. Photographer: Paul Jackson