La Llorona – a New Theatre Production

We are currently working on a new theatre production La Llorona, bringing the Mexican myth of the Weeping Woman, a ghostly archetypal character to life, as part of our Latin Voices series.

La Llorona tells the story of Mexican seamstress Rosie, who moves to a border town in Texas from Mexico, seeking a better life for her children. She gets lured by the bright lights and false promises of the capitalist American Dream and loses her way – until one day she wakes up.

Upcoming Shows

Wed 17 – Sat 20 May – Preston Manor, Brighton – part of Brighton Fringe

 R&D Phase 2 Creative Team (2016-present)

Director & Executive Producer: Rikki Tarascas
Writer & Executive Producer: Amy Zamarripa Solis
Lead Production Artist: Hannah Barker
Assistant Production Artist: Myra Stuart
Artist: Billy Mather
Education Specialist: Linda White
Videographer: Chris Church
Music: EnoNamai

Actors: Matt Beaumont, Say Alvarez, Nathalie Codsi, Seth Morgan

Supported by Arts Council England, Brighton & Hove City Council & Irene Mensah Brighton Fringe Bursary

Read more about the La Llorona production team and cast



R&D Phase 1 Creative Team (2015-2016)

Director: Rikki Tarascas
Writer & Producer: Amy Zamarripa Solis
Artist: Hannah Barker
Artist: Billy Mather
Education Specialist: Linda White

In 2015, the creative team spent four days devising and making in Blank Studio in Portslade, with a finale sharing event with the Latin community at Eden Perfume in Hove. The ambition for this first R&D phase is to develop an idea to create an outdoor spectacle involving the whole Latin American community in Sussex.

Supported by Arts Council England

Photographs: Bip Mistry