Answers on a Postcard

We’ve been exploring the theme of home and childhood home for a while, an emotive subject for the Writing Our Legacy team and the diaspora communities we work with.

Since 2013, we’ve invited audiences to participate in free workshops around creative writing with writer Umi Sinha.

The project has grown in 2015 with Amy Zamarripa Solis’ Artist International Development Fund sponsored No Place Like Home project exploring the gentrification of her childhood home, a Mexican-American neighbourhood in downtown Austin, Texas.

Later in 2015, she invited visual artists Larry Achiampong, David Blandy and Aikaterini Gegisian to interpret the theme into participatory workshops for BME communities in Brighton, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Crawley, supported by Arts Council England.

UK partners included MKGallery, Ujima Radio 98FM Bristol, Crawley Library and Brighton Dome.

The project continues……

Main photograph: Avant Commercial

Photographs: Jon Craig, Avant Commercial, Bip Mistry