Farah Edwards Khan

Farah Edwards Khan, born in Mumbai in 1974, grew up in the central Indian city of Bhopal. Descended from a line of progressive Muslim women rulers, whose legacies imparted a unique perspective on life in India, Farah’s love of writing developed from a childhood filled with Urdu poetry, the shared stories of a large extended family and the classic literature passed on by her German-Irish teacher.

Farah has worked with numerous journalists, as well as writers such as Dominic Lapierre and Indra Sinha, on oral histories and novels illuminating the catastrophic 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, which she witnessed as a child. Farah has a teaching B.A. B.Ed, and recently studied on the creative writing programme in Brighton, where she has lived for nearly two decades.

Farah’s own stories focus on the lives of ordinary people in India. She is currently writing a book of her life in Bhopal.