Olusha–Femi Hughes

Olufemi Hughes (Olusha) is a Brighton based poet, writer and storyteller. Born of a Nigerian Father and Indian mother, she was brought up in Scotland.

Olusha –Femi weaves the colourful threads of her diversity and displacement in an unfolding journey of trial and transformation. She had also written parts in plays were she has performed drama, poetry and song with other local artists. She has worked and performed in many different environments, most recently in Convent Garden, London for Exiled Inc. in May 2011.

Olufemi is also the founder of ‘Community Dialogue for Change’ a community organisation, that aims to bridge separation by connecting diverse communities for dialogue. She is also an active member of World Family: working on Food Justice and Food Sovereignty in the Global South, as well as at home.

  • Location: Brighton